Why is there a price difference between in-store and online?

Our prices online are based on a single package of a product, not priced by pound as we price in store. Our pricing in store, say, $9.50/lb for our Pork Andouille, is based on the price per pound of the product. Online, we are pricing our products based on the final package weight. In this example, our Pork Andouille price, $12.50, is based on a stick of Andouille that is approximately 1.25-1.3lbs. In store, you will also be paying a similar amount for one stick of andouille.

Each of our products in store are typically 1.25lbs (each item description on the website will tell you the approximate poundage of each package). It is more efficient to price our items by the package online, which will typically be one link of sausage at 1.25-1.3lbs, rather than having to toss aside every piece of sausage that is not exactly a pound, as our sausages are rarely one pound each.

By doing this, we are able to streamline our inventory process, and get your order out to you faster than we would in the past.

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