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Andouille is a well-seasoned, heavily smoked sausage that originated in the German Coast of Louisiana. Made with pork and smoked over pecan wood, andouille is a popular ingredient in Cajun cuisine, and is often used in gumbo and jambalaya –– but the smoking techniques of Nelson Jacob made his andouille the favorite.

Nelson Jacob's family came to Louisiana from Germany in the 1750s. His father, Damien, was a farmer and his wife, Camille, came from France. Together, they opened a store in Milesville in 1928, becoming the first to make and sell andouille commercially.


Jacobs is Born

Nelson Jacob and his wife, Camille, opened a small store in Milesville (now LaPlace). Their business, N. Jacob's General Merchandise Store, became the first to make and sell andouille commercially. The eclectic shop also featured a variety of homemade hats, clothing, sewing supplies, essential goods, smoked sausage, and other meat products.


The First Move

1940s: The Jacobs purchased the old Maurin's Home Staple Store building in LaPlace, relocating the business to this location in 1947. In 1949, Nelson Jacob passed away, but Camille and her son, Henry "Diddy" Jacob, continued to operate the business.


Sweeping the nation

Many restaurants — some even as far away as California and Washington — used Jacob's Andouille in their gumbos, jambalaya, and other menu items. With Diddy shipping andouille to cities around the globe, Jacob's Andouille became world-renowned!


Andouille Capital of the world

Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards declared LaPlace, LA, the Andouille Capital of the World. The first annual Andouille Festival was held, where all three 1st place cook off champions used Jacob's Andouille in their winning recipes.


Breaking new Ground

At the age of 78, Camille Jacob passed away. Diddy's daughter, Mary Ann, who had helped out around the shop for several years prior, assumed a more active role. Later that year, the Jacobs broke ground on what would become their iconic present-day location.


Our Famous Store

Mary Ann and Diddy opened Jacob's World Famous Andouille at its new location at 505 West Airline Hwy. With a smaller space and more smokehouse facilities, the Jacobs focused exclusively on making their world-famous andouille and other smoked meat products.



Mary Ann retired, leaving her son, Aaron, to inherit the family business. Having studied the art of andouille-making since the age of ten, Aaron was already well-seasoned in the family tradition. To this day, Aaron still uses his great-grandparents' recipe in the original smokehouse that Nelson Jacob built in the 1920s.


A New Era

A new era of leadership emerges as Holly Lions takes the reins. While Aaron has taken a step back to enjoy retirement, he continues to provide support to his daughter in running the family business. Her strategic vision is steering Jacob's Andouille towards prosperity, solidifying its position as a cherished and sought-after brand.

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