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Andouille Queso


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This family recipe is simple, but a favorite at our gatherings! It's perfect (to us at least) as-is! When serving this dip, we choose to use Tostitos Scoops, but any chip is acceptable.


Cut up 32 oz of Velveeta into chunks to help melt. Put Velveeta and Rotel into a crockpot. While the crockpot is on, put ground andouille in a low-heat skillet to warm, being careful to not overcook. Place all ingredients into a crockpot on high for one hour and heat until melted. Stir occasionally for the first 30 minutes, helping break apart the cheese. The ingredients should be melted thoroughly in approximately one hour. Serve warm with your choice of chips.

Some of these recipes call for ground andouille. When visiting Jacob’s Andouille, ask for them to grind your andouille for you! You can also do this at home by cutting off the casing lengthwise and putting the andouille in a food processor or blender. Be careful not to process it too finely.


  • 1 lb ground Jacob’s Andouille
  • 32 oz Velveeta cheese
  • 2 cans original Rotel
Andouille Queso

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