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Chicken Andouille

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Our Chicken Andouille is a twist on our most popular product, Pork Andouille. Our Andouille is our signature product, which is a handcrafted smoked sausage where the meat is cubed rather than ground. Hand seasoned with salt, red pepper, black pepper, and fresh garlic, the seasoned meat is stuffed into a large beef casing. The sausage is allowed to hang in a cooler overnight to cure, and is then heavily smoked over aged pecan wood to create a unique tasting, fully cooked sausage. Andouille is an excellent choice for seasoning gumbos, jambalayas, beans, and many other dishes.

Net Weight Per Package: Approximately 1.25 lbs

Ingredients: Chicken, Salt, Garlic, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Beef Casing, Contains Less than 1% Sodium Nitrite (to maintain freshness)

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5 Gen of Smokin' Perfection!

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All of our smoked products are made with choice lean meat and are naturally smoked in our centuries old smoke houses using only aged Pecan wood. This gives our smoked meats an authentic smoke flavor and aroma that enhances any meal you prepare using our products. They are also great as ready to eat snacks.

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